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We have taken our time to learn from the best. After a lot of research, we have decided to use ELEVATE (previously known as Firestone) RubberCover™ for our flat roof installations. Why? Because its the best on the market!

Flat Roof Repairs
& Replacement

Residential flat roofs, extensions & verandas, garages & carports, porches, garden rooms, sheds, and roof gutters.

Flat Warm Roof for
New Extensions

Whether it be a flat cold roof or a warm roof, our installation team can build a new roof for you within a few days.

Flat Roofs
with Skylights

From flat glass to roof lanterns, we have you covered. We can install our award winning lanterns on your roof.

50 years life expentancy

approved installers

We are certified to install the Firestone Residential Roofing System. Our involvement in this thorough training program means that Vergolus EPDM RubberCover™ installation are subject to inspection by ELEVATE and its authorised dealer in the UK.

We will provide 20 years guarantee on all our EPDM installations.

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Do you have a flat roof? Are you experiencing any leaks or seeing damp patches on your ceiling? Or, would like to update your flat roof to one like this? Then look no further, we are the experts if this field.



Vergolus roofers can repair leaks and damages on your existing flat roof. Whether it be a single storey extension, garage, garden room, or shed.



Vergolus roofers can replace the felt or bitumen old flat roofs to a new sleek looking EPDM rubber covering with modern trims and facias.



Vergolus roofers can upgrade your existing flat roof by incorporating our stylish flat, curved, dome skylights or the coveted roof lanterns.

Why do we use EPDM for flat roofs?

Discover the durable and eco-friendly solution for your roofing needs with EPDM roofing. Engineered for longevity and weather resistance, EPDM roofs offer unparalleled performance. Trust EPDM roofing for a sustainable and cost-effective choice that stands the test of time. Add a roof lantern or skylight for the extra lighting!

For years, professionals in the flat roofing sector have sought a sustainable alternative to the outdated felt roofs prone to cracking, splitting, and frequent failure. EPDM has emerged as the premier choice, renowned for its impeccable waterproofing and an anticipated lifespan exceeding 50 years.

While EPDM is commonly recognised within the industry by its acronym, its full name is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, denoting its constituent elements synthesised to create a top-tier rubber roofing membrane. Manufactured in the United States by ELEVATE (previously known as Firestone), RubberCover™ EPDM is a single-ply roofing membrane featuring added carbon black to transform UV rays into heat. This results in an exceptionally flexible, lightweight flat roofing membrane with unmatched UV resistance and durability. EPDM is applicable for various flat roof endeavours, including:

Environmentally Friendly

RubberCover™ EPDM is an environmentally inert material, displaying minimal impact throughout its manufacturing and installation processes. It boasts superior durability compared to alternative roofing membranes. Furthermore, the ELEVATE EPDM manufacturing facilities have obtained ISO 14001 certification, highlighting their commitment to an environmentally responsible management system.

50 years life expentancy

why we use epdm

EPDM is an affordable flat roof material, boasting of numerous advantages. Widely considered the premier flat roofing membrane, EPDM offers exceptional durability, and a sleek appearance. With its extended lifespan, it’s a top choice for reliable and attractive flat roofs.

Single Garage Repair


T’s & C’s Apply

Single Garage Replace


T’s & C’s Apply


Why Choose Us

Our roofing experts will provide you with a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for replacing or repairing your flat roofs.

Fast Building

We are fast and efficient. Our installation team are experienced and professional individuals.

Carefully Planned

Our roofs are delivered to the site in kit form, ready for quick and easy assembly within days.

Smartly Execute

We use the best products and equipment to help make our projects as smooth as possible.

Perfect Product

Our roofing membrane offers 100% waterproofing performance and has a 50 year lifespan.

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