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Kitchen restoration

We have over 25 years as kitchen experts, catering to diverse needs from affordable to high-end solutions. Our expertise extends to respraying cabinets and doors, providing a cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen replacement. With a focus on quality and customisation, we offer kitchen door replacement services to transform your space with style and efficiency.

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“We believe in providing quality and affordable products, and excellent customer experiences. After all, without quality, we have no business.” 

Jason Thomas – Head of Operations

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Our Service

What We Offer

From In-Frame to German Style Handleless kitchens, you name it. Vergolus can transform your kitchen by replacing, restoring, or respraying!

Bespoke Kitchen
Supply & Fitting

We supply and fit high-end kitchens. Including In-Frame, True Handleless, German Style and Shaker Handleless.

Kitchen Cabinet
& Door Respraying

We spray hard-wearing paint over your existing kitchen doors, drawers, and cabinets. We upgrade your kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet &
Door Replacements

When considering kitchen upgrades, a cost-effective option is replacing your cabinet doors. Let us help you with this.

do you want a bespoke high-end kitchen like the ones below?

why should you respray your kitchen?


respraying explained

Our kitchen specialist will usually pay you three visits to your home.


Step 1

We extract doors and drawers for workshop handling, degrease on-site items, and commence the masking procedure.


Step 2

We finalise the masking within your home while simultaneously attending to your doors in the workshop. This involves degreasing, necessary repairs, priming, and top coating, with each coat meticulously sanded in between.


Step 3

On the last day, we revisit to sand, prime, and apply the top coat to all on-site items. We then proceed to hang your doors and install handles, ensuring a complete finish.


Why choose us?

We have over 25 years experience in supplying and installing high-end kitchens. Furthermore, we can restore your kitchen by either upgrading your cabinets, worktops, and doors, or respray your entire kitchen units.

Fast Service

Respraying or replacing your kitchen cabinets or doors offer a quicker process, saving you time.


Respraying offers an extensive array of colour choices, allowing you to personalise your kitchen.

Cost Effective

Spraying your kitchen cabinets can amount to savings of up to 70% compared to a new kitchen.

Job Guaranteed

Vergolus will offer up to 10 years warranty against flake, crack, or peel. We only use the best paints.

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We are constantly enhancing your living spaces. So, let the Vergolus team do what they do best!